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This Local family owned Business began with a single coffee machine and a rented basement warehouse on the north side of Syracuse. Two teen age brothers ran the business alone for the next 12 years before hiring their first employee in the late 80's. Today with over 20 employees, KoffeeKing is one of the largest and most respected independent coffee and food service companies in Central New York. We Service over 650 customers, with coffee service, bottled water, catering, and a complete line of vending machines.

Koffee King History

We are a local, family owned business that has grown from virtually nothing into the largest local, independently owned coffee and food service company in Syracuse.

Being blessed with terrific parents, my Dad not only taught us principles that have lasted a lifetime, he introduced us to the vending business as a career that he started late in life. After learning the ropes, my brother Gary and I went out on our own with our first machine at a gas station where we sold coffee and hot chocolate for just fifteen cents a cup! For the next twelve years, we ran the business alone. In the late 1980’s we hired our first employee, leased a bigger building, and we were on our way. The rest is history.

Today, Koffee King has twenty-five employees who service some 650 customers in the Central New York area with restaurant and office coffee service, bottled water, catering, paper products, and a complete line of vending machines. We have matured into a total food service company that offers professional expertise and personal service to all of our valued customers. This is what sets Koffee King apart from other companies. 

We would love the opportunity to prove it to you.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to become the leader and trendsetter in Central New York when it comes to quality products and services. Our expertise in office beverages,&nbsp;vending, bottled water, catering, and other food related services, combined with the sound business practices of efficiency, professional courtesy and attention to detail, has won us the confidence of hundreds of New York businesses.

We are devoted to applying the time-honored principals of integrity and caring, and seek to staff our organization with knowledgeable, responsive and courteous service professionals.

Following a tradition of quality for over 40 years, we endeavor to provide fresh products in well serviced, reliable and visually appealing machines and coffee systems at reasonable prices for each valued customer. Working as a team and being willing to change with the times, we strive to incorporate new advances in food service technology, while remaining sensitive to changes in our market and in our customers' needs.

Our motivated and well-trained professionals deliver superior customer service and creative marketing ideas in order to maintain a strong record of customer satisfaction and retention. It is our belief that new business opportunities will result from our firm commitment to this mission. Without question, exceptional customer service is at the very soul of our business success.

In the future when people talk about Koffee King, what will they talk about? Our accounting, building, trucks?
They will talk about our service, our people, our personality, and our soul!

Core Values

Integrity, Customer Satisfaction, Safety, Drive, Passion and Compassion, Fun, being valued, adding value.

Try to promote from within with existing positions, but to field the very best team, don't limit yourself from looking outside.

Be willing to disagree with respect.

Employee qualifications include:

  • Knowledge
  • Capability
  • Credibility

Prepare our employees for:

  • Tedium
  • Technology
  • Turbulent times

Your Total Beverage & Food Service Company

Serving Syracuse and Central New York

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