24 Hours a Day ~ 7 Days a Week

Customer Service

Customer Service

24 Hours a Day ~ 7 Days a Week

From the beginnings of Koffee King in 1976, we've known how important response time is to a customer. 

Response Time to Service Calls

Koffee King response times to service calls are gereally handled within 24 hrs.

We provide 24 hour service 365 days a year that keeps area restaurants going on weekends and State Fair customers in business, even on Labor Day.

Koffee King currently sevices accounts as far south as Cortland as far north as Oswego and resecntly branched out east to Rome NY. Each customer is handled with the upmost respect and attention to detail. The real reason behind our comitment to satisfy our customers needs is because we actually care about them! 

Our Service Expertise is Unparalleled.

Machines are made by, filled by and used by people. As such, they will certainly malfunction. Our machines will malfunction also, however we have the work ethic you are looking for. All things considered, any service problems you have at all will be rectified in short order.

Call 24 hours a day 7 days a week for any of your service requirements.

Koffee King Service (315) 455-1472

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