Hands Free Ice and Cold Water Dispenser Units

Hands Free Ice and Cold Water Dispenser Units

Commercial Ice Dispensers available for purchase, and Service Inclusive leases.

Ice cold and filtered pellet ice and cold water, perfect for a self-serve beverage bar, employee lounge, or office.

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Hoshizaki Ice and Cold Water Dispensers

Standard Capacity for Offices with 50-150 Employees



Hoshizaki, Model# DCM-270BAH-OS ice maker/dispenser
Available in counter-top and free-standing options with our stainless steel floor stand

Countertop Ice and Cold Water Dispenser

Countertop – Dimensions: 16 9/16” (W), 31 11/16” (H), 24” (D)
• Produces up to 270 lbs. of ice per day.
• Stores 8 lbs. of ice
• Available in push-button or touch-free dispensing
• Dispenses both ice and water
• All stainless steel exterior

The DCM 270 Model is the perfect size for small to medium sized offices.
• DCM 300 and 550 Models are also available for offices with higher employee enrollment and greater demand.
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Free-Standing – Dimensions: 16 9/16” w, 66 7/8” high, 24” deep
• Cabinet below allows for additional storage. Mount your water filter system or Reverse Osmosis unit in the cabinet below, as well as storage.

Free Standing Ice and Cold Water Dispenser

Ice Maker Lease Options with or w/out stand:
• 195.00/mo. complete unit w/standard factory warranty
• 225.00/mo. complete unit plus labor coverage 
• 235.00/mo. complete unit plus all-inclusive coverage
(all-inclusive includes parts, labor, filter changes)

RO Option Lease:
• 25.00/mo. for Complete RO System (includes filter changes)



Optional Reverse Osmosis Ultimate Filtration System by 3M
• The 3M Water Filtration SGLP-075 reverse osmosis (RO) system is uniquely designed to produce consistent quality water for the reduction of scale and corrosion.  
• Unit includes a permeate pump. Makes up to 75 gallons per day tank stores 2.5 gallons of water.

Cost: 756.77 (eliminates the 211.47 (listed above) for HD1-11 Filter Assembly.



You can rent the entire RO system for just 25.00/mo. (includes filter changes)


Basic Maintenance Plan. 85.00/mo.
• Covers leaks, cleaning, filter changes, facilitating factory warranty, nuisance calls
• Filters, parts, and labor for factory certified on-site tech support are billed separately
Basic Plus Plan. 115.00/mo.
• Covers basics as well as labor for factory certified on-site tech support
• Parts only are billed separately 
All Inclusive Plan. 135.00/mo.
• Covers basic as well as all filters, parts and labor for factory certified on-site tech support



County Health Requirements

Even before the COVID pandemic, local County Health Departments did not allow ice bins with scoopers in public areas where people can put their hands into the storage bin. They require dispensers. That’s all you see at restaurants from Panera to Burger King. I called there personally to check the law and spoke with a rep named Gretchen to confirm this. 

The smaller, scooper models are no longer used commercially. The larger models like you see in hotels do have dispensers. However, they often cost upwards of $10,000, usually require 220v electrical, require a floor drain and take up a lot of space. Neither of these are practical for offices.

Solutions for Small to Medium Sized Offices and Restaurants


Follett Office Cold Water and Ice Dispensers
The Follett 7CI100A-IW-NF-ST-00 ice and cold water dispenser is a good first option. It has a 125 lbs. per day capacity. The reservoir holds 7 lb. bag of ice at a time, so it may not keep up with high demand. But for small to medium sized offices, it should work nicely. It also dispenses ice cold water, has a hands-free sensor option, and comes in countertop and floor models. (see attached)

The only possible drawback is the drain: There is none. It has a removable spill tray instead, that needs dumping and cleaning regularly. People often dump old coffee into it, thinking it’s a drain when it’s not. That gets messy.

Note on Water Contaminants, Filtration and the Purge Cycle
TDS and sediment in water will affect the gears and working parts of any ice maker, causing it to fail. Twice daily automatic flushing OR feeding the unit with purified water minimizes, that risk. Our HD1-11 ice maker filters removes any waterborne cysts and bacteria, carbon, lead, phosphates, lime scale, as well as the smell and taste of chorine. However, that’s not a substitute for a daily purge cycle. 

The Importance of a Self-Cleaning “Purge” Cycle
Auto-flushing is an automatic-cycle item that commercial ice makers use to rinse the evaporator/auger cavity where the ice is made. The auger cavity collects any miniscule dirt, sediment, and lime scale that gets past the .3 micron filter and can cause service problems. And regardless of the unit’s performance, those elements get into the ice. If it’s in the water, it’s in the ice.


Drain or No Drain: Which Model to Choose
The Hoshizaki models we use require a drain and have an auto-flush cycle that runs every 10 hours. Since the Follett does not utilize a drain, it has no self-cleaning cycle, because there’s nowhere for the wastewater to go. So where we have access to a drain, we recommend the Hoshizaki.

Where there is no accessibility to a drain, we can recommend the Follett. And the way we overcome the auto-flush cycle is by eliminating the need for it. Here’s how.


Reverse Osmosis
In this instance, we recommend the Reverse Osmosis (RO) Ultimate Filtration System by 3M. The 3M Water Filtration SGLP-075 RO system is uniquely designed to produce consistent quality water for the reduction of scale and corrosion in ice makers, water heaters and other appliances. That allows us to use the Follet, even where there is no drain nearby, and get the same durable performance, and the same pure, pristine quality. 

The 3M RO unit literally harvests water through an incredible fine .003 micron membrane that we change regularly to give you the purest drinking water you can get anywhere. It utilizes an internal permeate pump and harvests up to 75 gallons of water per day tank while storing 2.5 gallons of water.


The Hoshizaki Advantage
The Hoshizaki DCM270BAHOS ice and cold water dispenser makes more than twice the amount of ice per day as the Follett does; 270 lbs. per day. It also comes in countertop and floor models. It stores 8 lbs. in its reservoir, but the recovery time is much faster than the Follett, allowing it to keep up with more demand. 

As cited, it uses an HD1-11 water filter that removes the elements previously listed. But because it has a drain and a daily purge cycle, you don’t need the RO unit, saving you that lease and that filter expense.

The Hoshizaki DCM500BAHOS ice and cold water dispenser makes twice what the DCM270 makes. It stores 40 lbs. of ice and makes 550 lbs. per day. This unit is bult for high demand.

It is noteworthy that the Hoshizaki warranty is the best in the industry. You can imagine why: Performance and dependability! 


The Hands-Free Option
The models we’re proposing are hands-free, operating on sensors that dispense your ice and cold water as you break the mean with your cup or bottle. There are no buttons to touch and hands never touch the product. They do make a model with buttons instead of sensors if you prefer that.

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