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Koffee King provides a wide range of coffee and hot beverage equipment to offices and institutions of any size. Koffee King will analyze your needs and desires and match it with attractive, state-of-the-art coffee brewing equipment.

Restaurants that demand dependable high-volume coffee brewing equipment can choose from a wide variety of manufactures and coffee station configurations.

Koffee King provides many coffee varieties from the best local and national roasters, insuring your customers the best quality and service available anywhere!

Koffee King will handle all your cream, sugar, paper product and condiment needs for you. It's a one-stop-shop with us!

     Koffee King provides an unparalleled coffee service.
          We are always there when you need us!

Contact us and see how we can provide the highest quality service in the ever-growing world of premium coffee.

Coffee Choices

Our fine tradition of coffee excellence continues because world class roasters, such as Paul deLima Coffee located in nearby Cicero, N.Y, Our Signature deLima House Blend is made from selected, hand-picked Arabica beans from Columbia, Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala and Peru, with no harsh Robustas. This profile blend yields a semi-sweet flavor and an enticing aroma.

For those whose pallets prefer something rich and bold, our Pacas Bourbon (El Salvador), Sunburst and Custom Blends (Central and South American Arabicas) represent gourmet coffees at their finest. The Pacas Bourbon has a distinct and slightly winey flavor, while the Sunburst and Custom Blends have the sumptuous body characteristics of coffees grown in the historic regions of Antigua in Guatemala. The latter two have a taste and color profile (59) that perfectly matches that of Dunkin Donuts.

All of our fine coffee products are sealed in Nitrogen flushed fractional packs to ensure that familiar fresh-roasted aroma and taste every time you open a bag. 


Coffee Brewing Equipment


Bunn®  Pour-Omatic® and Convertible Coffee brewing systems

Matched to fit your counter space and height limitations.  They are available with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 warmers, with or without hot water faucets, in many different styles.  We offer the complete line of Bloomfield® coffee brewing products.


Institutional Coffee Brewing Equipment

Bloomfield's® - E-Max™ and Satellite Coffee Brewing Systems

Accommodates the busiest restaurant or facility with style, while providing dependability, flexibility and ease-of-use.  With an eye toward detail and a mind toward performance, Koffee King provides a complete family of satellite coffee brewers from electro-mechanically controlled models to state-of-the-art electronic brewers.


Cafection Inovation Series Coffee System


The Inovation Series is a top quality coffee machine that delivers delicious single serve coffee from the bean to your cup. It can be monitored, managed and controlled remotely with Cafection's Sophia - Global Management System.

  • Smart coffee brewer Internet-connected.
  • Touch screen and intuitive interface.
  • Integrated printer and cup sensor options.



Koffee King provides Air-pots and Air-pot brewing equipment, coffee grinders and warming stations in many different configurations and styles.


The Keurig Solution

Keurig is a unique and upscale coffee solution that has revolutionized the single-cup brewing market. Each of Keurig’s disposable K-cups contains enough coffee for a single brew. A convenient display case sits beside the brewer featuring a wide variety of regular and flavored coffees and teas from Timothy’s, Diedrich’s, and our latest addition: Wolfgang Puck. Contact us for a full list of our Keurig flavor offerings!


Whipper Mixes

Our allied product line includes whipped hot beverage units that dispense frothy and delicious hot cocoa along with other delicious selections. These flavored hot drinks cost as little as a regular cup of coffee. Popular with restaurants, coffee shops and convenience stores, more and more offices are including these same whipped staples. Not only will this arrangement offer your colleagues Donut Shoppe quality hot beverages, the costs are considerably less than individual serving packets. Contact us for a full list of our whipped cappuccino flavors!


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