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Bottled and Filtered Water Solutions

Bottled and Filtered Water Solutions

Koffee King offers pristine Natural Spring Water, dispensed in professional grade water coolers.  Our Natural Spring Water comes from one of the northeast’s premium springs, and is filtered down to 3 microns before being run through a purifying ozinator to remove any water-borne viruses and bacteria.  We do this to deliver pure and contaminant free spring water.  And Koffee King's water delivery service will set and monitor your inventory to make sure you never run out.


Oasis® Bottled and Filtered Water Coolers

Our Oasis bottled water coolers are the best selling water coolers in the world. Not only do these units have stainless steel components, the spill proof water guard system keeps hands away from bottle caps. And a one-micron air screen filter the air that goes into the bottle when the bottle "burps." There isn’t a more sanitary cooler anywhere. 


Koffee King can also provide you with Oasis filtered “point of use” water coolers. These plumbed in, filtered water coolers resemble bottled coolers in every way, except for the bottle, and are available for purchase or lease.  Oasis® Water Coolers don't just chill tap water. These are two-cartridge, sophisticated water filtration systems that do the job in just one square foot of floor space. Our professionals are responsible for their installation and maintenance. Purchase customers receive a one-year parts and labor warranty. Lease customers receive ongoing maintenance at no cost.


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